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Known for service and quality, we manufacture hand tools in Northeast Kansas.

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Angle Nose Pliers

The idea was invented while working in a Kansas City scissor factory.

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Made in USA

We manufacture Pliers, Pry Bars, Punches, Chisels and other Hand Tools for Plumbing, Automotive and Service Professionals.

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What Our Customers are Saying

Best Pliers I have ever used. I found a pair of Wilde-USA-7G pliers and got so damn excited. I have had them for 30 years.

Jimmy, MS

Thank you for keeping manufacturing in the USA. I was looking for some specific tools and you being USA made is what made me interested in buying from you.

James, NC

I just wanted to say thanks for keeping your head above the water in an era when our government doesn’t give a damn about American Manufacturers.  I can tell that I will have yours for a lifetime.  Thank you for making them!

Shawn, IA

Thank You for continuing to make tools in the U.S. You are one of a few companies that still understands that qualilty is more important than shipping things overseas in order to make an extra buck.

Tyler, MO

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